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Welcome to the VolkLaw legal blog for Florida. We want to share legal and business information that can inspire you to think more completely about business opportunities and risks if you do business in Florida. Our blogs are written by Melbourne, Florida business litigation lawyer, David J. Volk. David is in his twenty-ninth year of client-service, centered on helping people navigate tricky legal waters. The VolkLaw blog will, at times, call on other legal professionals, successful local business entrepreneurs, and other business service providers to help our readers aim higher and shoot straighter. VolkLaw employees are trained and encouraged to think about client needs and desires. What you want matters. Attorneys and clients work best when they work together so, we value collaboration with clients. We are dedicated to earning our clients’ trust. That is just good business.

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Who's Making or Breaking You?

Written By: David J. Volk | June 5, 2021  “It’s hard to soar like an eagle when you’re surrounded by turkeys.” – Ancient Plevich Wisdom   Put differently, if you lay down with dogs, you are going to get fleas. The... Read More

Are You Enjoying the Climb?

Written By: David J. Volk  | January 5th, 2021 If you are always looking up and climbing, you are not enjoying the view. The climb is a path of challenges and dangers and effort after effort after effort.  Stop looking up constantly. Enjoy looking... Read More

The Revelation of Achievement

Writen by: David Volk | November 11, 2020 Do you surprise yourself from time to time by showing ability at a higher skill level than you thought you had? While there are a sad few who go through life thinking they are exceptional, wonderful, and magnificent... Read More

Trade Secrets Protection Planning: Are You...

Written by: David J. Volk, Esq. | August 18, 2019         Do you have a competitive advantage in your marketplace? A competitive advantage is often obtained by ownership and use of formulas, processes, or other information. The... Read More

Need a Job? What Is Your Personal Value...

David Volk, April 23, 2020 These are difficult times. Massive business closures, furloughs with no guarantee of re-employment, and firings. If you lost your job or you still have your job, but if feels unsafe, what should you do? You should do what everyone... Read More

How’s Your Portfolio?

Written by: David J. Volk, Esq. | January 7, 2019 How's Your Portfolio? No, not your investment portfolio. While that one is important, you have a lot more you are invested in than stocks and bonds. So, how is your BIG portfolio? You know, the one comprised... Read More

Checking the Insatiable Tax Collector

Written By: Michael Dujovne, Esq. | October 22, 2018             What would you do if your real estate taxes on your investment property, your restaurant, or your office went up by 50% in one year? And... Read More

Is multi-tasking always a must?

Written by Beth Clause, Esquire | August 30, 2018 | Volk Law Offices, P.A. Is multi-tasking always a must?  Most business minded people think so.  As published in Forbes magazine in February of 2016, approximately 2% of multi-tasker are good at... Read More

You're Gonna Do Great This Week!

Written by: David J. Volk, Esquire | July 15, 2018       Why are you gonna do great this week? Because you are reading this and it will change your life in all aspects. (Aim high: massive improvement is always possible with the right... Read More

A Gratitude Attitude Is No Mere Platitude

Written by: David J. Volk, Esq. | April 22, 2018       A gratitude mentality will bring you greater success and happiness. Why does that matter? How do you achieve it?       I began 2018 at a two-day conference lead by Michael... Read More

The Effects of Being Perfect

Written by: David J. Volk, Esq. | March 18, 2018       Simply put, you’re in big trouble if you are a perfectionist. I will tell you a little bit about how it affects you and a better approach that you should take.      ... Read More

Dear Job: Be My Valentine?

Dear Job: Be My Valentine? Love my JOB? WHAT? (Read more.) Written by: David J. Volk, Esq. | February 14, 2018 You can have more than one love and spread your love around. Don’t you remember buying boxes of cards to give out when you were a kid? And... Read More

Are You a Melting Ice Cube?

Written by: David J. Volk, Esquire | October 24, 2017 We should view work as a sport where we continuously try to get better. Why? If you do not, you are a melting ice cube. Melting ice cubes go from effective to not effective. They lose the power to affect... Read More

When Being Indispensable Is Not a Good Thing

Written by: David J. Volk, Esq. | August 6, 2017       Will it all come crashing down if we are away for two weeks? In most cases, no, it will not. If we fear it will, we have to think about that and try to fix it. I am going to direct you to... Read More

The Irony of High Tech

BY GEORGE FRIEDMAN | This Week In Geopolitics | JUNE 19, 2017 Technology is a major foundation of national power. Its uses are obvious. But the path from innovation to obsolescence is frequently less obvious. Technologies that define an era usually... Read More

Stop! Are Those Roses We Smell?

Written by: David J. Volk, Esq. | June 5, 2017       You are not a special victim of the universe. Life is certainly, routinely, ever ceaselessly difficult. And we have to work hard at looking past that part and looking hard and long to see... Read More

Distracting Debt Does Damage

Written by:  David J. Volk, Esq. | April 23, 2017         Since the readers of this blog are generally all high achievers, you might want to share this blog with youngsters or others who are still learning to be good with money... Read More

Stop Talking!

Stop Talking!     Written by David J. Volk, Esq. | April 5, 2017 Studies show (or at least they should) that talking interferes with learning. This is about managing a task delegation meeting to make sure the person receiving an assignment... Read More

Is This All There Is?

Is This All There Is? Written by: David J. Volk, Esq. | April 16, 2017 There is something bigger and more important in life than our material success. It is faith in God. Many of us will always want to climb the ladder of success in one way or another. It... Read More

Good Boss, Bad Boss and the Wisdom of Office...

Written by: David J. Volk, esq | March 23, 2017       Several blogs ago, I addressed the qualities of a good employee who is viewed as indispensible. This time, let’s look at attributes of a bad boss with a little wisdom from the movie... Read More


Written by: David J. Volk, Esq | March 13, 2017 Have a goal: The Brand in Demand. (Catchy or goofy? Doesn’t really matter. It makes you think. That is what you want people to do: think about you. And, it could be worse. I just read an article about... Read More

Goals Work! (Maybe.)

Goals Work! (Maybe.) | Written by: David Volk, Esq. © 2017 Does setting goals work? Probably not, unless done very carefully. When I began doing research for this article, I thought I was going to find overwhelming statistical proof that... Read More

6 Keys to Effective Meetings

Written by: David J. Volk, Esq. | February 28, 2017               "There is no specific agenda for this meeting. As usual, we'll just make unrelated emotional statements about things which bother us…" Dilbert... Read More

Good Employee, Bad Employee, and Becoming...

Written by: David J. Volk, Esq. | February 9, 2017 Be indispensable or you might be dispensed with. Good enough is not good enough. Until recently, mediocre performance was all too often tolerated. Boom times meant there were plenty of jobs. A lot of... Read More

You Own Your Life: Excuses Begone!

You Own Your Life: Excuses Begone! Written by: David J. Volk, Esq. | January 19, 2017       You can learn in all settings. I heard an amazing thought in a movie trailer. A person said to his friend, enthusiastically and with complete... Read More

Attitude Reflects Leadership

  Facing Challenges With Attitude Written by:  David J. Volk, Esq | December 7, 2016            Regardless of who we are or what we are doing with our life, we will face challenges. We can look at those challenges... Read More

Dealing with Difficult People at Work

The most effective way of dealing with others. Written by:  David J. Volk, Esq. | July 1, 2016         I’d love to say that this article teaches gamesmanship strategies on how to change bad behaviors of others at work but, the... Read More

What We Can Learn About Leadership From the...

  What We Can Learn About Leadership From the 2017 College Football National Championship Game > Clemson vs Alabama Written by: Jo Garcia | January 12, 2017 “Perhaps the greatest display of self-discipline is persisting when the going... Read More

What’s Holding You Back?

Get in gear for the New Year! Written by Jo Garcia | December 15, 2016 As Hall of Fame football quarterback (1965-1977), Joe Namath would ask “If you aren’t going all the way, why go at all?” The New Year is approaching and you likely... Read More

Are You Ready for the Storms? Risk Management...

Are You Ready for the Storms? Risk Management Through Agreements Such as Noncompete & Trade Secrets How to Mitigate Your Legal Risks Written by David J. Volk, Esq. | June 2, 2016 Thomas Jefferson said, “The art of life is the art of avoiding pain... Read More

Email Insanity – The Enhanced Guide to...

The Enhanced Guide to Managing Your Email Written by: David J. Volk | December 6, 2016      “I feel the need, the need for speed.” Maverick in Top Gun played by Tom Cruise.      Think of email as a cruel enemy, an... Read More

The Lucky Ones Never Give Up

The Lucky Ones Never Give Up Written by:  David J. Volk, Esq | October 27, 2016         If you are a football fan, you probably find it hard to believe that we are already halfway through the college football season. Time flies when... Read More

Brevard County, Florida: A Great Place for...

Brevard County, Florida:  A Great Place for Business Written By:  David J. Volk, Esq. | September 28, 2016         Those of us who grew up or have lived here a long time have seen this fine community slowly but... Read More

In The Arena as Great Business Advice

 In the Arena as Great Business Advice Written by:  David J. Volk, Esq. | September 1, 2016         I have Theodore Roosevelt’s, 'In the Arena' hanging in my office right by the doorway so I can see it every day. I... Read More

Property Matters: What An Improving Real Estate...

How will the improving real estate market affect foreclosures? Written by: Michael Dujovne, Esq. | July 20, 2016 Answer: There will be fewer foreclosures and the properties sold at foreclosure sales will be worth more. There will be fewer foreclosures... Read More

Protecting Your Assets During A Catastrophe

Protecting Your Assets During a Catastrophe Written by:  Jo Garcia | Octiber 5, 2016         Living in sunny Florida can be like living in a vacation paradise most days of the year.  We have the beautiful Florida sunrises... Read More

Property Matters: Buying a Home in Foreclosure

Can I buy a property that is in foreclosure directly from the bank before a foreclosure sale? Written by: Michael Dujovne, Esq.| July 13, 2016 Answer: No. The property owner continues to own the property after defaulting on the payments and during a... Read More

Beating the Odds: 3 Leadership Lessons from the...

3 Leadership Lessons from the 2016 Presidential Election Written by:  Jo Garcia | November 15, 2016         I don’t normally take a huge interest in politics but, certainly, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were two candidates... Read More

Email Sanity - 10 Ways Organized and Productive...

10 Ways Organized and Productive People Keep Their Email Inbox Clear Written by Jo Garcia | November 29, 2016         Does your email inbox seem like it’s perpetually over-flowing?   Like there’s a never-ending... Read More

Property Matters: Prior Owner Won't Leave Home...

What can I do if the prior owner is living in a house I bought at a foreclosure sale and refuses to leave? Written by: Michael Dujovne, Esq. | August 25, 2016 See new Florida Statute Section 83.561, Fla. Stat. (effective June 2, 2015) dealing with this... Read More

15 Surprising Workplace Statistics

15 Surprising Workplace Statistics Written by:  Jo Garcia | August 16, 2016         Do you ever sit at work wondering why your employers, co-workers, or employees do what they do?  What makes them tick?  Here are... Read More

Property Matters: Search Title Before Bidding...

If I buy a property at a foreclosure sale, do I get clear title? by: Michael Dujovne, Esq. | August 5, 2016 Answer: Not necessarily. A certificate of title issued by the clerk of court after a foreclosure sale provides no warranties of title. A foreclosure... Read More

Recovery-Mode. How to Mend at Work from a 3-Day...

Recovery-Mode. How to Mend at Work from a 3-Day Weekend     Written by:  Jo Garcia| May 31, 2016         Many of us look forward to a 3-day holiday weekend like a 6-year-old the night before Christmas.   We do... Read More

Are You an Entrepreneurial Genius??

Are you an Entrepreneurial Genius?   Do you have what it takes to start a business and grow it to a profitable company?   Take this informal quiz to see how your business personality compares to the profile of some successful entrepreneurs... Read More