About Us

About Volk LawVolk Law Offices, P.A.

Volk Law Offices, P.A. is celebrating its 30th year in business. We like to say VolkLaw means business. It has the expertise, experience, and resources to effectively represent entities and individuals in their financial affairs. We strive to deliver excellent service and quality work in a better-cheaper-faster context while remaining detail oriented. Clients trust us; we strive to reward that faith.

Our Services

This is not a jack of all trades Melbourne lawyers law firm. We focus on Lawsuits, Business, Real Estate, Construction, Employer Rights, and Creditor Rights including Bankruptcy.


We help resolve money, property, business operation, and deal problems. Our extensive experience and systems enable us to handle virtually any problem. We do more of this than anything else. The same procedures apply, and the cases vary only by the particular legal rights at issue and the amount or value of the rights at stake. From a small claims matter to a $5,000,000.00 housing development foreclosure, to a legal status matter involving tens of millions of dollars, we have handled an immense variety of lawsuits. Routinely handling lawsuits makes us more careful in the other areas we work in.


We help businesses start up, survive, and succeed. This includes planning ahead and managing risk with our help through things like effective contracts; getting answers to questions about things like overtime pay; and dealing with overzealous government regulators. It is not enough to know the parts of a contract to be able to advise a client. Our litigation emphasis allows us to easily explain contract terms, understand the real-world implications of contract breaches, the material risk of such breaches, and how a Court would handle such a matter since that is what a client needs to know to make informed decisions in the negotiation, drafting, and enforcement stages.

Real Estate

We help clients buy, sell, and own real estate. Helping with contracts and other papers affecting real estate, closings, foreclosures and alternatives, evictions, partitions, and construction and property association liens are some examples of complex issues we can make easier.


We help prepare and review contracts, change orders when the scope of your work needs to be modified, compliance with lien rights and contractual procedures, resolving change order disputes, legal rights and remedies in dealing with non-performing subcontractors and delays, claims for damage to your work by others, insurance coverage issues, claims and litigating or arbitrating actions. Successful navigation of these issues promotes efficiency and profitability. Our extensive experience enables us to handle virtually any problem that may arise so that you can minimize your costs and maximize your profits.

Employer Rights

We provide advice and counsel on labor and employment issues arising at any stage of the employment relationship. Whether it's advising on fair and legal hiring practices, avoiding the pitfalls in leave administration, ensuring that any discipline is administered lawfully, or counseling on whether and how to terminate should that be necessary, we are here to help. We can guide you through the "alphabet soup" of employment laws (like Title VII, ADA, ADEA, FMLA, FLSA) and do practice in front of the state and federal agencies that enforce them (such as EEOC, DOL, OFCCP, NLRB, PERC).

Creditor Rights including Bankruptcy

We assist clients with money owed and owing. A win-win approach usually works the best. It often takes time to get the other side to realize that, but we are effective at getting the message across. We are experienced in virtually all aspects of bankruptcy. We have represented creditors, debtors, the Trustee, and professionals in bankruptcy proceedings, including personal, manufacturing, real estate, construction, and restaurant reorganizations, liquidations, stay proceedings, claim disputes, fraud/preference litigation, and discharge litigation. This dovetails neatly with litigation. Often a litigant will threaten or actually pursue bankruptcy. We can often remove the threat by explaining to the other side the dire consequences that will entail and if that does not work, effectively assert our client's rights in the bankruptcy as that forum has many options available to a creditor.