Are You Enjoying the Climb?

Posted: June 9th, 2021

Written By: David J. Volk  | January 5th, 2021

If you are always looking up and climbing, you are not enjoying the view. The climb is a path of challenges and dangers and effort after effort after effort.  Stop looking up constantly. Enjoy looking around too. Enjoy the view from time to time as you pause your climb. 

I love skiing. Who doesn’t? Why? You feel totally alive as you see you are surrounded by amazing views and this great sense of accomplishment. Riding up on the chair lift offers sights to see, but getting off the lift and pausing at the top is the true great view. You see for miles and miles. The vastness makes you feel small and large at the same time. You feel like the master of all you survey. You own that view. You earned it. You experienced all the hassles to get there. You managed your work to be able to vacation. You packed. You got to the airport. You got to the resort. You got to bed with not too many adult beverages so that you would get up rested and ready to go. You wake enthusiastic. You get your shower and you layer up and you pull on the boots whose ingress would make the Marquise de Sade proud. You get to the ticket booth and wait and you wait in line at the lift. Those lines are disheartening when you get out there early. But you know, the early snow is the best. And you crank down the boots and you take the chairlift and it feels like it lasts forever. And you exit the chair. And you pause, because you look down the mountain. And, it takes your breath away. And you say, I am totally alive. I did this. I got here. I will do it again, but I am going to soak it in. I did this and I will enjoy the moment. 

Now apply that same lesson to your career path or business ownership. You will do the process over and over and over. Will you stop and soak in the view from time to time? 

Modify your “I have to climb” to “I have to climb, and I have to stop and catch my breath and enjoy it from time to time.” The quality of your life depends on it. And by the way, when you stop and look around and enjoy the view, you also realize there are other people with you that are important.

And, when all is said and done, our greatest happiness comes from our relationships. When we are striving up the climb, it is easy to forget about the immense value of others we care about. And caring about others should not be postponed. It, more than the climb, should be omnipresent. Winners with lasting success know they are not alone and that others are helping and counting on them. 


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