The Revelation of Achievement

Posted: May 13th, 2021

Writen by: David Volk | November 11, 2020

Do you surprise yourself from time to time by showing ability at a higher skill level than you thought you had? While there are a sad few who go through life thinking they are exceptional, wonderful, and magnificent at all times, most of us surprise ourselves when we achieve a higher level of skill and accomplishment. Winners want to be skillfully great. And, winners will often be surprised when they realize they have taken a leap forward. Be that person. It is fun.

Catch yourself doing something impressively well. Make it a habit. Watch for it and revel in it when it happens. You will turn grey existence in to the game of achieving at higher and higher levels of skill when you routinely realize you are good at something and getting better as time goes by. That will encourage you to keep on growing.

Quite often, your leap forward happens out of the blue. You are working at something, and you surprise yourself with the skill level you are performing at. To my surprise, I have learned a great deal about business law. I did not particularly like school. Now that I think about it, I did not particularly or generally like school. School was a form of torture for some of us. You have to sit still, concentrate on what someone else is saying, and have to regurgitate it later to get a good grade! That seemed very unfair! It was like I was being forced to do something. And yes, I was laughing to myself as I was writing that. But, achievement under compulsion is hard to do for some if not most of us. We do not achieve and sustain success, and do not continue to develop our skills unless we want to do that. Compulsion will only get you so far. Enjoyment, desire, and persistence are how you move up. It is a hard life, but I like being a lawsuits lawyer, I greatly enjoy learning more about the law. A good life is shaped by our nature and motivation. Combine desire with effort and you get better and better.

And, getting better and better will feel very good if you bother to acknowledge it. By all means, bother. It will increase your confidence and make you want to learn more. I was in an initial appointment with a new client a few years ago and was explaining how the law treated his situation. As I was talking, I thought to myself, how did I learn all this stuff? I was sincerely shocked. That is what I want you to think about when you do something well. How did I learn all this stuff? And, you already know the answer. You wanted to. Keep wanting to. Good to great awaits.


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