Best of Brevard 2017

Florida Today's 2017-2018 Best of Brevard Attorney

Florida Today is the major daily newspaper and online news forum serving Brevard County, Florida owned by The Gannett Corporation since 1966.

Every Fall, Florida Today runs a contest where Brevard residents are encouraged to vote for their favorite local businesses. VolkLaw attorney, David J. Volk was voted as the winner for 2017-2018 Best of Brevard Attorney.

Florida Today’s website along with Florida local news, includes coverage of technology, health, travel, sports, weather, space science, family issues, and coverage of local business.

Introduction to the Firm

VolkLaw - Experienced Business, Real Estate and Construction Lawyers - Serving Melbourne, Brevard County and more. Our attorneys are experienced in Lawsuits, Business, Real Estate, Employer-Employee, Tax, Bankruptcy and other business related matters. Business and Litigation law manager David Volk, Esq. has over 30 years business litigation experience, 15 years Board Certified in Business Litigation and grew up working in an entrepreneurial family business. Real Estate law manager Michael Dujovne, Esq. has over 26 years Real Estate & litigation experience and is Board Certified in Real Estate. Our Construction law manager Brian Solomon, Esq. has over 29 years construction and commercial litigation experience and is Board Certified in Construction Law. Brian also served for eight years as Osceola County Planning Commissioner.


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Client Service Philosophy

VolkLaw Offices, P.A. is celebrating its 23rd year in business. We say VolkLaw means business, because it has the expertise, experience, and resources to effectively represent entities and individuals in their financial affairs. We strive to deliver excellent service and quality work in a better-cheaper-faster context while remaining detail oriented. We believe that if clients trust us, we should strive to reward that faith. Read More...

About VolkLaw

Melbourne FL Lawyer

We believe technology properly investigated, chosen, and implemented helps level the playing field with even the largest of law firms. More to the point, we have an advantage in this area, because we can move much more quickly than a large law firm in choosing new or upgraded technology. Hardware and software are regularly updated so that the efficiencies developed in the computer industry continue to benefit our clients. As an example, recently we quickly chose and implemented a replacement of a key file server and all but one work station (which was almost new). We did not have to spend five years studying the issue. We saw the need and acted on it. All VolkLaw Offices, P.A. attorneys and paralegals are sophisticated computer users. We have been paperless for years. We work with double monitors which significantly increases efficiency. Electronic efficiency and the Systems described below allow us to accomplish more in less time with fewer staff members. Overhead expense efficiency helps us keep our services more affordable for our clients. The firm’s computers are networked which facilitates communications and ensures that multiple drafts of documents or forms do not exist and that a standardized set of forms is available and used throughout the firm.

Our Services

This is not a jack of all trades Melbourne lawyers law firm. We focus on Lawsuits, Business, Real Estate, Governmental issues in those areas, and Creditor Rights including Bankruptcy.

LAWSUITS We help resolve money, property, business operation, and deal problems. Our extensive experience and systems enable us to handle virtually any problem. We do more of this than anything else. The same procedures apply and the cases vary only by the particular legal rights at issue and the amount or value of the rights at stake. From a small claims matter to a $5,000,000.00 housing development foreclosure, to a legal status matter involving tens of millions of dollars, we have handled an immense variety of lawsuits. Routinely handling lawsuits makes us more careful in the other areas we work in.

BUSINESS We help businesses start up, survive, and succeed. This includes planning ahead and managing risk with our help through things like effective contracts; getting answers to questions about things like overtime pay; and dealing with overzealous government regulators. It is not enough to know the parts of a contract to be able to advise a client. Our litigation emphasis allows us to easily explain contract terms, understand the real world implications of contract breaches, the material risk of such breaches, and the how a Court would handle such a matter since that is what a client needs to know to make informed decisions in the negotiation, drafting, and enforcement stages.

CONSTRUCTION LAW We provide construction law guidance and litigation services to builders, engineers, architects, property owners, and contractors.

REAL ESTATE We help clients buy, sell, and own real estate. Helping with contracts and other papers affecting real estate, closings, foreclosures and alternatives, evictions, partitions, and construction and property association liens are some examples of complex issues we can make easier.

CREDITOR RIGHTS INCLUDING BANKRUPTCY We assist clients with money owed and owing. A win-win approach usually works the best. It often takes time to get the other side to realize that, but we are effective at getting the message across. We are experienced in virtually all aspects of bankruptcy. We have represented creditors, debtors, the Trustee, and professionals in bankruptcy proceedings, including personal, manufacturing, real estate, construction, and restaurant reorganizations, liquidations, stay proceedings, claim disputes, fraud/preference litigation, and discharge litigation. This dovetails neatly with litigation. Often a litigant will threaten or actually pursue bankruptcy. We can often remove the threat by explaining to the other side the dire consequences that will entail and if that does not work, effectively assert our client’s rights in the bankruptcy as that forum has many options available to a creditor.

" Contracts can be dangerous to one's well-being. That is why they are kept away from children. Perhaps warning labels should be attached. In any event, contracts should be taken seriously. " - From a 1997 Florida court case