The areas of commercial civil litigation are almost too numerous to mention. In essence, these matters involve disputes over money or property and personal and business rights and obligations in commercial affairs.

Commerce is business. While the firm routinely works with business owners and their concerns, you do not have to be a business owner to occasionally find yourself with a commercial dispute. All of us are involved in the commerce of this country. You might be a homeowner and your mortgage company is trying to force you to pay for flood insurance when you are not in a flood plain.

You could have signed a covenant not to compete with an employer and wonder whether it is enforceable. You may have been tricked into buying a car or a house with a leaking roof. You may have sold an aircraft and the buyer is saying you deceived her.

You may have someone sue you alleging that your fence was built on their property. You may have a government Code Enforcement officer  trying to prevent you from using your property as you are allowed to.

You may have had your checking account used by another and believe your bank should not have paid the checks that were stolen and misused. As you can see, the range of commercial civil litigation is quite large.

Given the firm’s experience in commercial litigation, there is virtually no matter that we are unable to handle. The same procedures apply and the cases vary only by the particular legal rights at issue and the amount or value of the rights at stake. Please refer back to Mr. Volk’s Profile for a listing of other types of matters one encounters in commercial civil litigation.