You're Gonna Do Great This Week!

Posted: July 15th, 2018

Written by: David J. Volk, Esquire | July 15, 2018

      Why are you gonna do great this week? Because you are reading this and it will change your life in all aspects. (Aim high: massive improvement is always possible with the right objectives and the requisite effort.) I want you to finish reading this with a burned-in principle you will turn to every time you consider an important aspect of your life.

      The concept you need to embrace is to ask why you are doing something. That sounds mundane, but the why is the driver to greater achievement. It hit me while reading a blog post from Eric Barker discussing how you can invest successfully. He made the simple why observation in telling us that investment advisors don’t do a great job guiding us unless they know our objectives. Are you saving money to open a business or to save money for your kids’ education, or to retire at a certain age? Different objectives lead to different tactics to achieve your objectives.

     Michael Hyatt in Your Best Year Ever provides a wonderful method for writing achievement and goal habits. I see the most important part of that methodology as figuring out your why for why you should bother pursuing that goal. The why is the fuel that will propel you to the finish line. Why exercise at a certain level? You decide you will exercise three times per week so that you live longer, feel better, and look better in jeans and a T shirt. All by itself, saying I need to exercise more is a non-starter. It just won’t take. I don’t really want to work out. I do want the goodies that flow from doing it regularly. As an aside, the endorphins we unleash from working out are a great bonus.

     If you want to make more money, specifically decide why. If you want a closer relationship with God, specifically decide why. If you want to earn a raise or promotion at work, specifically decide why. If you want your business to be bigger, specifically decide why. If you want your boss to get off your back, specifically decide why. If you want a new car, specifically decide why.

      When you create the why, the objective becomes a logical part of a process. Defining the what you want and the why leads you to really want something. Now, you have to think through the what. The, ‘what do I do’ means ‘what do I have to do to achieve this thing I really want.’  Do you want to save enough money to invest to have money to pay for the kids’ college? You will be able to figure out what something like that costs and what you must do get there. So if it takes investing X dollars for Y years at a reasonably determined rate of return, you have a net income available for investing of  X. Don’t have X? How do you get there? It is rather simple. You get there on the income side or the expense side. Buy a $4.00 coffee every weekday? That is $20.00 per week and $1040.00 of net income increase available for your investing goal. One net increase can make a large difference if invested consistently over a long period of time. Compound gains turn little piles of money in to big piles of money over time.

So ask:

What do you want?

Why do you want it?

What do you have to do to get it?

     Think about each aspect of your life. Greater achievements in the spheres of work, family, God, money, social life, physical fitness, and charity all bring us great rewards. Just think about where you are in each and put those three questions set forth above to work for you.

The why will help you fly. 


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