Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation

Commercial Law, or business law, is considered a branch of civil law, and deals with both public law and private law issues. This applies to the relations, rights, and conduct of businesses and individuals engaged in trade, sales, merchandising, and commerce. Commercial Law regulates hiring practices, corporate contracts, and manufacturing and sales of consumer goods. It encompasses titles such as: guarantee; merchant shipping; Fire, life, marine and accident insurance; carriage by land and sea; bills of partnership and exchange. Additional aspects of a business that are also governed by commercial law include: banking and bankruptcy; contracts; securities; collections; marketing and advertising.

While many countries have established civil codes explaining specific declarations of their own commercial law, the United States gives jurisdiction for commercial law to both Congress, through its power to regulate interstate commerce, and also to the states under their own police powers. The Uniform Commercial Code was adopted throughout the United States as a result of efforts to create one unified body of commercial, or business, law in our nation. Many governing schemes exist to regulate how business is conducted, especially in regard to employees and customers, including food and drug laws, safety laws (OSHA), and privacy laws.

Commercial litigation occurs when a party decides to take legal action (a lawsuit) regarding business transactions. You will want to seek out an experienced business or commercial litigation lawyer to represent you legally, and to help resolve the dispute. It is important that you make sure you have an attorney with experience dealing with your specific type of situation, since commercial litigation lawyers do not always specialize in every area of commercial or business law.

At VolkLaw in Melbourne, Florida, our experience in commercial litigation is wide and deep. Our Commercial litigation attorneys understand that many cases demand subject matter knowledge and special skills, so we will create a personalized litigation team that possesses those specific skills needed for your case. We are prepared to conduct extensive research and analysis, using the latest technologies in the litigation process, such as employing focus groups or mock juries if necessary. We also guarantee to involve you in every step of the process, explaining anything and everything along the way to ensure that you are satisfied with our representation, and so you feel that you have the most knowledge possible to make an informed decision with all of your available options. We will walk you through everything from pre-litigation strategies and tactics, to deciding how and when to try your case.

Our dynamic combination of industry knowledge, courtroom experience, legal insight and practical business sense set us apart from all other attorneys, helping our clients to triumph in cases that are critical to their businesses. Contact VolkLaw today to consult with one of our lawyers and find the team that will ensure the successful resolution of your dispute.

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