Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Are you at times in need of expert business legal advice and counseling? You are if you have ever asked the question, "what do I do now?" you are not alone. That happens routinely for all sorts of business people. Wise counsel can get you through the rough patches and direct you on the right course.

VolkLaw offers business consulting services.

A lot of people start a business in a field in which they do very good work after having worked for others. Whether it is providing professional services, construction work, designing software, running a bar or restaurant, selling things, or some other business, being a good technician does not mean you know how to run a business. We have seen terrible contracts or business practices used by very talented people who decided to be their own boss. They are very good at what they are very good at and, like all of us, can use a little help in the areas they are unfamiliar with. The E Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber is a book we highly recommend. It explains that a small business owner often has to wear the different hats of technician, manager, and entrepreneur. The owner often does the work, has to make sure the work is getting done and people are functioning properly, and has to develop what the business does or will do and get the business in the door.

Mr. Volk worked in his family’s businesses from age twelve. He saw how hard it was and how you need to hang in there and keep trying to get better. He has run VolkLaw since the end of 1994. He has advised hundreds of business people on legal matters affecting their business. And, he has helped businesses reorganize their affairs in Chapter 11 bankruptcy where success usually means taking a hard look at your business and how you can improve it on the revenue and expense sides.

Businesses in Florida

We are experienced at helping people set up new businesses in Florida. We can help you establish your Florida corporation or limited liability company, and provide mentoring and counseling services to new clients that wish to create and operate a new small business in the state of Florida. It is a lot easier to fail than it is to succeed in business. Having help in charting your course and avoiding common mistakes is one of the smartest expenses you can have.

Are you thinking of starting a business in Florida, but you aren’t sure which type will suit you best? We will help you choose between establishing a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, LLP, S corporation as is best for your business and you. We can mentor you on most aspects of your business as well, including everything from ownership agreements, contracts and other operational agreements, leases, financing the business, choosing employees and management personnel, and capital formation. We care about the success of your business. Melbourne, Florida and its surrounding areas are experiencing a business revival after quite a few down years. Major corporations want to do business here in Brevard County. It is our mission to provide quality, affordable legal advice and assistance to anyone in need, regardless of the circumstances.

With our significant lawsuit experience, we know how mistakes happen and how they can be avoided. If you have litigated a lot of contract disputes, you know what a good contract has and does not have. Let us help you protect your rights and your business. We service all of the Space Coast. We are here to help.

The matters discussed here are general in nature and are not to be relied upon as legal advice. Every specific legal matter requires specific legal attention. The law is constantly changing and matters discussed today may not be the same tomorrow. Legal matters are also subject to different interpretations by attorneys, judges, jurors, and scholars. No attorney-client relationship is intended or created as a result of matters discussed here. You should consult counsel of your choice if you have any dealings in these areas of the law. Volk Law Offices, P.A. and its attorneys make no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the matters addressed.