Why Should I Choose Volk Law?

Explore the myriad reasons why entrusting your legal matters to our seasoned professionals surpasses self-representation or other alternatives. From our wealth of experience and in-depth legal knowledge to our tailored strategies, ethical practices, and commitment to client success.

I have a friend who will let me copy legal papers he has. What do you think of that?

Same problem as with internet forms. And, your friend’s situation may not match yours. Assume you copy his quitclaim deed. And, assume he is not... Read More

Are internet legal forms a good idea?

Not a fan. Who drafted that form? Is the writer well trained and experienced or is he a hack working out of his mom’s garage? What is their... Read More

Are all lawyers the same in terms of the kind of work they can do?

Al Pacino said it best in Scent of a Woman: “I been around, ya know!” Experience matters. Being native to Brevard County matters. Having a firm... Read More

Can I handle a particular legal matter myself?

If you had a leg injury requiring surgery, would you operate on yourself? Preparing a case for trial and presenting it is like crossing a... Read More

What types of legal matters does VolkLaw handle?

We handle matters involving money and property problems and opportunities. We have explained twenty of these types of legal matters in our Practice... Read More

Why should I choose VolkLaw?

We care about our clients. The results we obtain for them are important to us. VolkLaw is experienced, and that has led to a sophisticated way of... Read More