Real Estate Law Questions

Navigate the intricate world of real estate law effortlessly with our comprehensive FAQ page. Explore a spectrum of common queries, clarifications, and insights into the complexities of real estate transactions, property rights, contracts, and regulations. Whether you're buying, selling, leasing, or investing in real estate, our FAQs cover key aspects such as property disputes, zoning laws, financing, and legal nuances.

Can I legally lock out a tenant who has not paid me rent?

No. You cannot resort to “self-help” measures such as changing the locks, removing the tenant’s personal property, shutting off utilities, or... Read More

My landlord has sued to evict me. Do I have to continue paying rent while the law suit is going on?

Yes, but it is paid to the clerk of court rather than to your landlord. In an eviction law suit, the tenant has to deposit the rent claimed in the... Read More

Can one owner of real estate force the owners of that same real estate to sell it?

Yes, assuming the owners are not married to each other. It is not a majority vote. For example, if real estate is owned by ten people, one person... Read More

If a seller under a binding contract refuses to sell for no good reason, can the buyer force the seller to convey title to the property to the buyer?

Yes. A buyer usually has the remedy of specific performance to require a seller to perform the contract and convey title. The buyer has to show... Read More

How should two or more individuals take title to real estate?

This is a very important decision that affects who gets the property after one owner dies. If a deed does not correctly reflect how you want to... Read More

Should I have a real estate attorney review my real estate contract?

Absolutely. Real estate purchases and sales are usually the biggest transactions we make in our lifetimes. Even the standard real estate contract... Read More