VolkLaw Attorneys Attend Good Morning Space Coast Breakfast

Posted: October 14th, 2020

On August 2, 2018, VolkLaw attorneys Michael Dujovne and Brian Solomon attended the Melbourne Regional Chamber of Commerce Business Breakfast. The event was very well attended by many of Brevard’s business leaders. Achievements were recognized, and awards were given to deserving businesspeople. The members had a good laugh when Chamber Board Chair Brent Peoples of Raymond James went on stage in full firefighter gear to promote the upcoming Chamber’s Valor Awards for military personnel and first responders. Steven Gibson of DRS Insurance Group informed us of a new insurance product that would reimburse people for the out-of-pocket costs incurred in a hurricane evacuation.

Keynote speakers Bart Gaetjens of Florida Power & Light Company, and Ken Graham, Director of the NOAA National Hurricane Center, provided great information about hurricane preparedness and what happens during and after a hurricane. For example, as hurricane forecasting improves, the infamous cone narrows. Mr. Graham cautioned that this merely predicts where the eye of the storm will make landfall; it is not an indicator of how badly the storm will impact areas within or outside the cone.

 For us Floridians, hurricane preparedness and evacuations are a recurring drill. The overall theme was to avoid complacency, be prepared and evacuate if ordered to do so. They also helped to dispel many of the myths we hear about hurricanes and those who strive to keep us safe and restore power. In addition to being very informative, they were very funny and kept the audience engaged.


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