VolkLaw Attorney Barry K. Baker Lectured to Keiser University St

Posted: September 16th, 2019

On September 11, 2019, VolkLaw attorney Barry K. Baker made a presentation on federal employment law to Keiser University students at the Melbourne campus. The lecture gave an overview of the major federal employment laws and the historical context within which they were created and their intended purpose.  The lecture included theories of discrimination, retaliation claims, remedies available under each law, and the special requirements applicable to employers receiving federal funding or having contracts with the federal government. Affirmative action and the concepts of “protected class” were explained. The students at Keiser University were enrolled in a Business Administration – Human Resources Management program, so this lecture and question and answer session were especially relevant to their course of study.  Attorney Baker blended in real world examples of cases he has litigated over the years to bring the material to life and demonstrate how the law actually affects day to day operations of a business. He also stressed the importance of having carefully drafted employment policies and procedures that comply with applicable law, and which are consistently and fairly administered in order to help protect an employer from violating the laws. An educated human resources professional can potentially make themselves an extremely valuable employee to their organization by helping to avoid a costly lawsuit, and knowing when to involve experienced employment law counsel.