Attorney Michael Dujovne Attends the Melbourne Chamber's ENGAG

Posted: May 13th, 2019

On May 8, 2019, VolkLaw Attorney Michael Dujovne attended the Melbourne Regional Chamber ENGAGE Young Professionals Social. Fortunately, seasoned and experienced (old) professionals were not excluded, so Mr. Dujovne was allowed to attend and share his wisdom with the younger men and women. The social gathering was held at the Iron Oak Post, a corner tavern in downtown Melbourne. The Iron Oak Post is remarkable for its variety of craft brews and for the oak tree in the middle of the establishment.

Adam Broadway of Certified General Contractors was the featured speaker. He gave a heartfelt tribute to our beautiful hometown. While CGC is growing rapidly and does business in Brevard and other counties, he specified that he likes the hometown feel of Melbourne and this is where he wants to wake up on Saturdays. The audience echoed that sentiment.

Those in attendance were divided into groups. After introductions, they each said what they would do to promote Brevard and make it even better. Each group sent one member to the stage to share how that member’s group would promote Brevard and make it even better. Not surprisingly, more events and entertainment for younger people, and attractive housing in the downtown areas, were at the top of the list.

The young professionals who attended are bright, energetic and entrepreneurial. They will be our leaders before too long.