Coronavirus Legal Categories

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The Coronavirus has thrown everyone's life in to turmoil including, to one degree or another, yours. Unfortunately, many of us still have business relationships to manage. 

The more you can learn about Coronavirus and the law, the better equipped you will be to manage your affairs. We hope this information is helpful. Because we are in such uncharted territory, the information should be viewed as fluid and subject to change without notice. So, stay regularly informed. Thank you and God bless you and yours. We are worried about everyone affected by this horrible situation. As a nation, we will survive and learn and get better as a result of this. There will be sad events along the way for many people. Make youself safer with greater knowledge.

-Your friends at Volk Law Offices.

Insurance Coverage and Coronavirus

CORONAVIRUS INSURANCE ISSUES PART 1: You think you have insurance coverage. You think you need help, but challenging an insurance company sounds difficult. You may have reached out to your insurance agent or carrier, but they are giving you the high hat (meaning they are disrespectful and dismissive). With this pandemic, we are learning new things every day. New law is developing every day as expert lawyers and law professors and insurance...

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Business Emergency Response Planning

Melbourne, Florida is probably as good a place as anywhere in the country for doing emergency planning. Our home in Brevard County is a great location along the Atlantic, but that means we go through several hurricane scares each years. So, what is presented here would be something that you can use for years in the future. Try as many of these things as you can in this Coronavirus crisis and you get the bonus of being more prepared for...

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Employer Rights and Coronavirus

  LAST UPDATED 6/23/20 (additional or changed text highlighted in red):   COMMENTARY:  The government is watching and lawsuits are inevitable.  One of the FAQs below deals with an employer's responsibilities under the Families First Coronavirus Recovery Act (FFCRA) when it comes to paying employees for time they miss from work due to specific COVID-related reasons.   An employer is playing with fire by...

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Business and Coronavirus

If you are a business owner, you will not just experience changes in customer traffic and income. An avalanche of issues could present themselves because of the COVID-19 pandamic. Everything about your business is or could be affected.   A sample of issues: 1. Lost revenue2. Workers not coming to work3. Supply chain disruption for inventory4. Supply chain disruption for parts5. Overwhelmed with service and warranty requests: if people are...

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Real Estate and Coronavirus

June 2, 2020 Update: The Brevard County administrative court order that temporarily froze all evictions and foreclosures, including new filings and service of process, ended on May 29, 2020. The Governor’s executive order that temporarily froze all residential foreclosures and residential evictions for non-payment of rent has been extended to July 1, 2020. The Governor’s executive order is limited in scope. It does not apply...

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Construction and Coronavirus

Contractors, their customers, subcontractors, and suppliers, and customers can expect to see higher costs and price volatility, materials shortages, logistics and supply chain breakdowns, order cancellations, and extended delays in product delivery. Slower project completion times and possible legal squabbles among all the affected parties is inevitable.   Builders need to evaluate their supply chains and manpower needs to identify...

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