15 Surprising Workplace Statistics

Posted: December 1st, 2016

15 Surprising Workplace Statistics

Written by:  Jo Garcia | August 16, 2016

        Do you ever sit at work wondering why your employers, co-workers, or employees do what they do?  What makes them tick?  Here are 15 workplace statistics from 2015 that will surely surprise you:

1.  Employees with strong work friendships are 50% more satisfied with their jobs.

2.  Happy employees are 10-times less-likely to take sick days than unhappy employees.

3.  To be happier at work, 36% of employees would take $5,000 less a year in salary.

4.  37% more sales are produced by salespeople who are happy in their work.

5.  As of December 2015, more women graduated from high school, graduated from college, and earned post-graduate degrees than men, by 10%.

6.  Over 1/3 of newly hired employees will quit their job after about six (6) months

7.  40% of employees who receive inadequate job training leave their positions within the first year.

8.  The top 5 factors contributing to job satisfaction are:

(1)  Feeling like an active and important part of a team

(2)  Job Security

(3)  Opportunities to use skills and abilities

(4)  Individual’s compensation/salary, and

(5) Organization’s financial stability

9.  Over 30% of all businesses are owned and operated by women, as of April 2015.

10.  The average employee is productive for 33 minutes of every hour worked.

11.  Over 40% of mothers (single and married) in the USA are now the sole or primary source of income in U.S. Households.

12.  People with a, “Best Friend” at work are 7-times more likely to engage fully in their work.

13.  It has been calculated that 35% of employees started looking for a new job if they didn’t receive a pay raise within 12 months.

14.  76% of employees want opportunities for career growth, and consider opportunities for career growth to be one of the top three non-financial work-motivators.

15.  Because of the gender wage gap, the average working woman, by the age of 65, will have lost more than $430,000 over her working lifetime versus men.  


*These statistics have been gathered by multiple statistical data and are accurate as of 2015.  Some percentages have changed with time.

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