Mark D. Siemer, Esq.

Education history

Mark David Siemer attended high school at Satellite High School in Satellite Beach Florida. He attended the University of Central Florida and received a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies with areas of study including urban design and public administration. Mr. Siemer then moved to Austin Texas where he began his career in law as a file clerk in a boutique construction law firm that represented design professionals, property owners, and general contractors. Mr. Siemer then graduated from the Baylor School of law in Waco Texas.

Mr. Siemer practiced law across the state of Texas for five years. His areas of practice included construction defect, first party property damage claims, and worksite personal injury claims. Mr. Siemer has represented property owners in disputes ranging from total loss of commercial real estate due to fire to multiple worksite fatality incidents.

Mr. Siemer has also represented clients in challenging government bids, negotiating healthcare and construction contracts, negotiating termination of long-term commercial leases, employment disputes and defending American with Disability Act disputes.

University of Central Florida (B.S.)

Baylor University (J.D.)



-          American Bar Association

-          The Florida Bar Association

-          The Texas Bar Association

-          The U.S. Court of Appeal for the 5th Circuit.

-          The U.S. Federal District Court of the Northern District of Texas

-          The U.S. Federal District Court of the Eastern District of Texas

-          All Florida State Courts

-          All Texas State Courts


Mr. Siemer’s experience includes the following areas:

Pre-suit investigations of property casualty: Mr. Siemer has led the investigation into the cause and origin of fires at schools, warehouses, oil and case facilities and residences. He also has considerable experience investigating partial collapses, geotechnical defects and water penetration.

Construction Lien preparation, enforcement and challenges: Mr. Siemer represents both contractors and property owners in the preparation, enforcement and challenging of construction lien. He has navigated all the pitfalls that can cause a contractor to record a claim of lien that does not properly perfect as well as all the financial and record keeping issues that can allow a property owner to dispute the validity of the claim of lien and the claimed value amount of the lien.

Contract negotiations: Mr. Siemer has experience negotiating construction contracts for commercial and residential properties. He has helped contractors identify the biggest sources of liability and helped property owners understand their rights under the contract and how to ensure the parties comply with their obligations under the contract while performance of the contract is ongoing.

Construction defect litigation: Mr. Siemer has considerable experience of advising property owners on whether a construction defect exists and if the likely result of initiating litigation to resolve the defect will be economically worthwhile.

Competitive Bidding: The competitive bidding process is demanding and confusing. Even seasoned public officials can make mistakes that can prevent the most deserving contractor from receiving a public contract. Mr. Siemer can assist in making the strongest bid and challenging an awarded contract if the awarding agency made a mistake in the process.

Worksite Personal Injury: Construction is a dangerous industry and who is responsible for an injured party can be complicated and costly to determine. Mr. Siemer has years of experience helping contractors and property owners unravel the complicated web of tort and contractual duties that shift the financial burden that a personal injury can impose.

Labor and Employment: If you have one employee, you have employment problems. Mr. Siemer has represented public and private employers in a wide array of employment related to disputes to minimize the disruption the termination of an employee poses to the business. He also has experience preplanning the termination of an employee to ensure that the employer does not expose themselves to a potential lawsuit.

Public Speaking

Mr. Siemer is a regular speaker on construction, public records requests, and employment issues and how the proper pre-suit investigation generates better results and quicker results for both Plaintiff’s and Defendants. Mr. Siemer’s passion is to educate property owners, both commercial and residential, in the ways they can protect themselves before a dispute occurs so that a lawsuit never becomes necessary.